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Dr Carol Chapman is a Counselling Psychologist and Performance Coach.
Since the 1990s,  using methods based upon  solid research and  clinical
evidence,  she has been helping musicians, actors, dancers,  artists and
other  performing artists  to  identify,  understand  and  overcome  their
problems  and fulfil  their potential.  Carol  has  always  been  an active
researcher and previous projects included studies on music performance
anxiety and the identity and motivation of composers and songwriters.

She is currently developing accessible specialist psychological support services for performers.
She devised  the  Performance Psychology  syllabus for  the new  UCL MSc  in Performing Arts
and is active as  a research and clinical  supervisor and examiner.  She presents her
findings,  research and ideas at  conferences and occasionally is asked to appear  in the media.
With a  lifelong  involvement  and  passion for the arts,  she loves helping  artists lead happier,
more  successful lives.   She has also,  over many years,  worked as  Practice Counsellor  at a
Health Centre in South East London.